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Metadata design

What is the metadata?

The metadata is a simple .csv file that contains the information to (1) find and retrieve the data saved to a remote server and (2) to segment and transform the data to compare experimental conditions. I would recommend recording as many experimental variables as possible, just to be safe. Each row of the .csv file is an individual from the experiment. It is mandatory to have at least the following columns: 'machine_name', 'region_id', and 'date' with date in a YYY-MM-DD format. Without these columns the data cannot be retrieved.

Top tips.
  • Make the metadata exhaustive. Record everything just encase you need information in the future.
  • Once you've finished all your replicates, put them in the same csv file with a column "replicate" to identify them. It's easier than loading them separately.
  • Make your metadata files straight away, as soon as you start your experiment. Time will erode the little details!